Welcome to the world of quality accesories for furniture!

Quality furniture makes a fabulous statement to anyone crossing your doorstep. A statement about who you are and how you live. But above all, is a statement to yourself about the respect you have for you and your family.

What makes a quality furniture? Quality materials, the brand behind product, warranty offered, and perhaps especially durability over time. This durability can mean many: from a closet door creak to quality joints and maintaining this quality over time. Few of us realize that, in order to have furniture with long operational life, using proper furniture accessories  is extremely important.

German technology combined with passion for quality have promoted Hettich to be recognized as global market leader of furniture accessories. Besides durability, Hettich offers new standards in functionality and comfort.

ACM Group is authorized distributor of Hettich furniture accessories. We invite you to discover Hettich world, a world that is closer than you might think.